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Static IP Address for CCTV systems
Why do i need a static IP address for my CCTV system?

If your system is connected to your internet router its important you have a fix IP address, this can be supplied by your ISP internet service provider or by buying a fix address from us for a one off annual charge, this information is then entered in to your router and when your IP address changes  your personal IP address updates to, so your always able to connect to your CCTV system.

Without a fix IP address each time your router is powered down or reset or possibly every 12 hours your current address with change to something completely different, this is called a dynamic IP address witch is fine under normal circumstances, the problem comes when you then try to connect to your system after the address has changed, this is why you must use a fix IP address. 

Fixed IP from your ISP can be expensive and is normally charged per month.

Static IP Address for CCTV systems

£20.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
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