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Equipmet Description  

panel Keypad
Main Control Panel


This unit is the hub of the system and is where all the information from the system sensors, keypad and external sounder is relayed back to, so it is important that it’s fitted in a central location so all the radio signals can come back to this point.  It also requires a mains power supply and telephone socket (if you wish the alarm to phone you or your friends and family should the alarm activate).


This is where you turn your alarm system on and off from and is normally located by the main entry and exit point of the building.  It is battery operated so it can be positioned wherever suits you best, it has a full English 64 character display and 12 button backlit keypad. 



ex sounder & Room Sensor
External Sounder 
Room Sensor

This unit is located outside and normally at high level.  Should your alarm system activate this unit will sound and flash to warn neighbours, it also acts as a good deterrent to potential burglars that you have a intruder alarm fitted


These small units fit neatly into the corner of the room you wish to protect and will activate should anybody enter the room when the alarm has been armed.


Door Sensor
door contact smoke
Smoke & Heat Detectors

This small unit is normally fitted on the main entry and exit door of the property and monitors the position of the door (whether it is open or closed) and should the door open when the alarm is armed it will in turn activate the alarm system. 



This unit is normally located on the ceilings of rooms, that need protecting against fire, they work by detecting smoke from fire.  Heat detectors are used in kitchens and rooms with open fires sources, once heat or smoke as been detected these devices activate the main alarm warning you of the danger.

shock sen Remote


The DVR or the Digital Video Recorder, is the hart of any CCTV system, this is were all the recorded footage is stored and the rest of the system is controlled from, and should always be installed in a secure location if possible, this unit requires mains power and a internet connection should you wish to remotly view your system from your Smart phone or computer.

Cameras are located in areas were it is necessary to monitor activity, they can be used for all types of applications but generally  they are used for security, cameras come in all different shapes and sizes, most modern units will display a colour image during the day and at night turn to a black and white picture aided by the inbuilt infra-red LED’s 



DVR and Cam
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