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Q: "How long will it take to install an alarm system in my home?"


A: Your system should be installed and working within half day.



Q: "Can my system be set at night so the downstairs is protected while the upstairs remains unset?"


A: Yes, your system can be fully customised at the time of the installation to your needs and a partial set can be setup allowing you to arm certain parts of the system. 



Q: "I'm interested in having an alarm system fitted but I've just had my home redecorated and new carpets fitted, I'm worried about the mess and disruption having an alarm system fitted would cause."


A: First of all please don't worry, we are very respectful of the fact that this is your home, and we will take every measure to ensure that there is little or no disruption when fitting your alarm systems, and as all our systems are wireless there is no need to lift carpets or floorboards to run unsightly wires in. 



Q: "Can I have an alarm fitted in my home if I have pets?"


A: Yes, pet sensors can be fitted instead of standard room sensors that will allow your pets to rome freely around your home when the alarm system is set.



Q: "How long will the batteries last on my alarm system?"


A: The batteries should last up to three years but this will differ depending on the amount of activation you have per year, so for that reason we would recommend you have a system check up once a year as on each service we will check all the batteries and replace any batteries that are getting low. 



: "If I need extra room sensors once my alarm has been fitted, can they be added at a later date?"Q


: Yes, extra equipment can always be added to your alarm system and does not need to be installed at the same time as the alarm is installed, you may wish to add a smoke detector or an extra door sensor on the garage door for instance. A



Q: "Will my alarm system still work if I have broadband fitted?"


A: Yes, after the alarm system has been fitted and you then decide to have broadband fitted to your telephone line you should tell us as soon as you can as it will be necessary to fit a small broadband fitter inside the main control panel. However if you have broadband at the time of the installation there's no need to worry as a fitter would have already been fitted. 



Q: "I'm quite elderly or have parents that are, and I'm worried about being able to turn the alarm on and off with the keypad that I might not see the right keys to press is there an alternative option available?"


A: The keypad is fully backlit which makes all the numbers on the keys stand out in the dark, however should this be a problem we can supply you with a pendant fob that can be used to set and unset the alarm system without the need of using the main system keypad. 



Q: "I need to have my alarm serviced but I'm worried about how much it will cost!"


A: The cost of a service is £49.00 it will nomaly take between 30 - 60 minutes to service your system depending on the amount of room sensors you have, if we need to replace any batteries on the service we will of course make any extra cost clear beforehand .  


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