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Choosing the right system


To help choose the best Alarm Kit that's right for you... Put yourself in the shoes of the burglar, by looking at each room in your house individually, look for the high risk and vulnerable points, and ask yourself how would I get back in if I lost my keys?.. Does the room have windows and doors that lead to the outside could anyone let themselves in without you or your neighbours noticing, do any of the upstairs rooms have flat roofs that an intruder could use to climb on to, to gain entry?


Below is a typical floor plan of a house, we have looked at the vulnerable points and have installed sensors in these areas to give you an idea of were the sensors should be fitted around your home to offer you the maximum protection with the least amount of equipment. 


The general rule to bear in mind is that 95% of the sensors or normally located downstairs as these rooms tend to be the most vulnerable, and coverage upstairs is only required if you have rooms that lead on to flat roofs or low lying ground etc, so for that reason only one sensor is normally ever installed upstairs and generally that tends to be on the landing which offers the best all round protection.


"if you're still not sure don't worry we're he to help you, and offer the best advice we can.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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